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Klint & Mary Wedding

Klint and Mary Beginning from Kandmfilms - Klint on Vimeo.

Klint and Mary from Kandmfilms - Klint on Vimeo.

You are probably wondering why our own wedding video is on here! It was Filmed by Klint's brother, Kris who does film in New York City, but edited by Klint. Our wedding was December 15th, 2006 at the Salt Lake Temple. The weather was mild for the middle of December; we missed snow by one day! The wind made for some interesting footage. Thanks Kris!

Why Choose K & M Videography?

Because we care about YOUR wedding day! Being married ourselves and having our wedding video is a cherished memory that we wouldn't have trusted to just anyone. Wedding photos and video are the only way to remember the morst important day of your life.  A wedding video has the ability brings back the emotions of your special day.
Many wedding videographers are there just to film shot to shot to shot which ends up being more of just a picture collage. While K & M Videography makes it more of a movie feel. Anyone can film a wedding day, but the editing involved in creating the film is the art that K & M Videography specializes in. Don’t take a chance of your most important day by hiring just any wedding videographer. K & M care about their work, their clients, and your wedding video. Klint has several years experience doing film, so this isn’t just a job for us, but a passion.

Give us a call with any questions or to set up an appointment to view our videos and we can discuss what kind of feel you want for you wedding video. We will come out and film on site in Utah and Salt Lake counties for the wedding and reception.  Give us a call to reserve your wedding date today.

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K & M Videography is Klint and Mary hence the "K and M." We have been together since 2004 and are loving life and each other! We both have a love for nature and many outdoor activities especially hiking and camping. Klint has always enjoyed editing and working on short films, local band projects, etc. K and M Weddings started in 2007 when a friend asked Klint to film his wedding, and it just took off from there. Klint was a natural at it because he has such an eye for detail and is very artistic. So this isn't just a job for him, but a passion. We enjoy being able to capture memories for our clients, and hope that we are given the opportunity to create a video for you to enjoy for years to come!

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